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Australian Reiki Connection Inc is an independent Reiki association, run by members for members by way of committee of management and member input. All monies collected through fees are used solely for members and the promotion of Reiki.

Member Benefits

ARC Inc members receive discounts on:

  • Salt Crystal Lamps
  • Relaxing healing music CD’s and DVD’s
  • Australian made massage tables and equipment
  • Access to professional indemnity and public liability insurance (combined liability), where Reiki is treated as a stand-alone modality.
  • Friendship with like-minded Reiki folk. We are a community, and aim to foster community spirit within our Reiki association.
  • The public expects quality! ARC Inc practitioners and Masters work to professional standards of ethics and practice, ensuring quality of teaching and Reiki practice.
  • Regular magazines, providing all members with Reiki news, stories and association happenings.
  • Member gatherings are held in each state to encourage and promote fellowship and learning.
  • Professional & Personal Development opportunities throughout the year. A chance to learn about related fields, and perhaps more about you, via the gatherings or in the magazines.
  • Committee of management has a health fund advocate who liaises with all major health funds for the inclusion of Reiki in the health fund schedules
  • State and Territory representatives who represent members at State level
  • Committee of management has a State and Territory representative liaison officer who assists the State representatives in their tasks
    Of course there is so much more to ARC Inc, but as it is with Reiki itself, one must experience it to know it. I do hope you choose to join us.

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