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Reiki Today

Ongoing research is showing that the system of Reiki plays an important part in improving, among other benefits, the quality of life for those with life limiting illness, reduction of pain, reduction of side effects of Chemotherapy, reduction of stress and anxiety.

For this reason in many countries, including Australia, the system of Reiki, as a complementary therapy, is currently being provided in many Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Palliative Care Hospices, and Community Service Settings. Reiki organisations such as ARC are playing an important role in bringing about the integration of the system of Reiki into mainstream Healthcare.

Towards this end the Australian Reiki Connection is working with the greater Australian Reiki community in developing professional standards for Reiki practitioners and teachers. As a founding Member Organisation of the Council of Australian Reiki Organisations (CARO), ARC is an Australian leader in this field.

Since 1997 ARC has constantly pursued, for both its members and the general public, continual communication with the Australian government on the subject of the development of professional standards inline with the needs of Reiki practitioners and their clients, Reiki teachers and their students. Looking to the future ARC aims to ensure that the system of Reiki remains a respected profession in the eyes of the Australian public.

Most importantly, ARC members today are proud of their association's high profile, its ongoing efforts on their behalf to promote the system of Reiki, and the professionalism that is inherent in ARC membership.

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