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About ARC

Today, Australian Reiki Connection Inc (ARC Inc) has grown to become the leading Reiki Association in Australia; its major strength stemming from the fact, that it is run by members for members. Each year a new Committee of Management is elected. These volunteers, hand-in-hand with the membership, work at supporting national Reiki activities both from a community and professional perspective. This includes developing suitable policy and procedures, providing networking opportunities and working at governmental lobbying to name just a few of their actions.

How did this all begin?
Back in 1996 Back in 1996 WendyJoy Smith placed an advertisement in a local newspaper, seeking out �friends in Reiki�,. There was little response and so WendyJoy carried out more research and started to organize a meeting of like minded people. a flyer was made up and sent to all of the Reiki masters and practitioners who advertised in the Living Now magazine, a Melbourne based publication. All were invited to attend a public meeting on the 30th May in Melbourne. This time, the word spread fast and the response far exceeded expectation. Expressions of interest were received from all over Australia.

Many people came along to the meeting and participated in a, sometimes heated, discussion about the future of Reiki in Australia. From the discussion came the suggestion of the possible formation of an independent Usui-based Reiki association.

A follow up date was arranged for July, and Australian Reiki Connection was born. Incorporation was applied for and accepted in December 1997, and this date was decided upon as ARC Inc�s birthday, which is celebrated at the last gathering of members in each year.

Throughout the years ARC has gone from strength to strength while other Reiki associations have presented themselves and then faded away. There are a variety of reasons for ARC Inc�s unbridled success.

ARC Inc is an association that welcomes �Independent� practitioners and master teachers of the Usui system of Reiki and, at the same time, those affiliated with other Usui Reiki schools. It is from this whole-of-membership approach that unity was built. Diversity is, therefore, another of ARC Inc�s strengths. Not only is there diversity amongst members, but all are valued and welcome to share their views in the spirit of fellowship. The all-important consultative process is followed in the formulation or review of policies and procedures.

From the very beginning, ARC Inc has been involved in the development of Codes of Ethics and Practice for members. Standards of practice were developed initially by the Masters in ARC Inc. then reviewed and ratified by members in 1999. This gradually developed into a Personal and Professional Development Booklet that all professional members annually complete to ensure exemplary standards. A referral system allows these professional members to be reached with ease by the general public.

Over the years ARC Inc. has committee of management have worked steadfastly and quietly on many major issues, for the benefit of its members and Reiki. For example

  • In 1997 founding president, WendyJoy Smith was responsible for a major insurance company providing cover for Reiki practitioners. A few years later, other insurance companies followed this lead.
  • ARC Inc. was responsible for having a major health fund issue rebated for Reiki treatments for the first time in Australia.
  • ARC Inc. and its members were responsible, for Yellow Pages including a separate sub heading for Reiki.

    There have been many other firsts instigated by ARC Inc. that now benefit the Reiki community.

    Through a web forum, ARC INK magazine, and in-person gatherings ARC Inc. has given Reiki practitioners the opportunity to raise and address concerns such as, the cost of learning Reiki in Australia, the regulation of Reiki, feelings of isolation and, perhaps more importantly for many, opportunities to share and learn more about Reiki with like-minded people.

    ARC Inc includes not only membership in every Australian state and territory, but has also grown to include International membership. ARC Inc is registered as a National Reiki association with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission.

    This association has become a valuable resource for the many who practise Reiki in Australia today, whether publicly or just for self, family and friends. It has always and will continue to, represent the best interests of both members and the Usui system of Reiki.

    ARC Inc has played a large role in providing membership feedback regarding the viability and suitability of regulation to bodies interested in Australian Reiki regulation. To this end ARC was a major player in the creation of the unique Australian Reiki body the Council of Australian Reiki Organisations (CARO), developed to support Usui Reiki Organisations throughout Australia.

    In 2006 ARC introduced the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals (AARP) a professional branch for practitioners and master teachers. The primary aims and functions of the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals are to:

  • To raise the profile of Professional Reiki practitioners and Master teachers
  • To encourage professional Reiki practitioners and teachers to pursue ongoing professional and personal development and perform to a high standard of Reiki training.
  • To maintain an Australia wide register of professional Reiki Practitioners and Master teachers.
  • To work alongside other professional bodies for the promulgation of the Usui System of Reiki
  • To work towards the integration of Reiki as a stand alone modality, in the Mainstream Healthcare system

    In 2006 ARC was instrumental in the formation of and is a council member of the Council of Australian Reiki Organisations (CARO) a not for profit national Usui System of Reiki (USR) body that aims to represent the interests of Usui Reiki organisations in Australia. This is the first time in Australia that Reiki Organisations have come together, not to support the aims of a single organisation, but to work together as equals - to speak with a united voice.

    And lastly, ARC has offered a great strength to the Reiki community by providing a continuity of leadership in the Committee of Management. ARC is honoured to have had just 2 Presidents since 1997. ARC Inc would like to acknowledge the efforts of these Presidents (ARC Inc�s founder WendyJoy Smith and the current President, John Coleman) and, naturally, all Committee of Management and active membership for bringing ARC to the respected position that it holds today.

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